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Why do novice smokers feel dizzy?

Many people around the world smoke, but smoking is not a good habit, harmful to physical and mental health. We often hear that the novice just began to learn to smoke will also dizzy, do you know why? This is because the novice just began to smoke into the lungs, the bronchial will immediately have a certain reflection, will continue to be in the closed not to accept the situation, that will also make carbon dioxide can not be sufficient supply, oxygen shortage will of course cause dizziness.
We all know that cigarettes are made up of a lot of ingredients, mainly tar, but when they're burned, there's also carbon monoxide, and the carbon monoxide in the smoke will fuse with the hemoglobin concentration in the body and cause dizziness and nausea, but if you breathe in fresh air and get rid of the smoke, the symptoms will go away.
Do you know any other reasons why beginners get dizzy when they smoke?
First of all, when people have a fever and a cold, smoking or being with someone who smokes is very likely to cause dizziness and palpitations. If people have a fever and a cold, their breathing is not smooth. Inhaling carbon monoxide will lead to insufficient oxygen in the body and cause dizziness. Next anaemia, the mood is depressed and morpheus not very good person smoke is to cause dizziness possibly entirely. Smoking while drunk is also very easy to cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Finally, smoking smoking more, causing nicotine poisoning, also can cause dizziness phenomenon or more serious.
Now do you realize that smoking makes you feel dizzy? If you're a beginner, learn all these things before you start smoking. Low-tar cigarettes are also less harmful. If you like Newport cigarettes or Marlboro cigarettes, you can buy them at our cigarette store. All cigarettes are 30% off.