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The difference between cigars and cigarettes

We all know that there must be a big difference between cigar and cigarette, but for those who are not familiar with cigar, they may not know the difference between cigar and traditional cigarette. Now let me introduce to you.
First of all, smoking methods are different. "Smoking" cigarettes and "pinning" cigars are two completely different ways. Cigarettes are more portable than cigars. There are not many requirements. Just light them directly. Cigars need to be cut off. In order to ventilate both ends for smoking, some cigars can be smoked without shearing, but there are very few cigars that do not need to be sheared. The way of tasting cigars is not into the lungs. It uses a small cycle method, commonly known as "puffed cigarettes". Generally, the aroma is left in the mouth and tasted, and then slowly spit out, using the taste buds of the tongue to feel the settled cigar Rich taste, and then enjoy the elegant fragrance from the nose. However, cigarette smokers mainly inject smoke into the lungs in a large cycle. Therefore, the way to inhale cigars is healthier than cigarettes. For example, the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who everyone knows, is a loyal cigar fan. He smoked 10 to 12 cigars every day, but he died at the age of 91 and the cause of death was also Natural aging.
Secondly, the entire process of cigars from tobacco planting to rolling into cigars does not use any chemical additives. Even the binders needed in the rolling process are pure natural vegetable glues, because they do not contain combustion aids. The reason is that high-quality cigars will automatically extinguish when they are not smoked, and cigarettes will burn to the end once they are ignited.
Finally, compared to cigarettes, cigars have a richer flavor and a more obvious layering. For example, Great Wall cigars have a variety of flavors such as flower and fruit, nutty, coffee, milk, and vanilla. You will feel the different feelings of the front and back of the cigar. In terms of layering, cigars are better than cigarettes.
So you now know that cigars are better than cigarettes, but usually many smokers choose to smoke cigarettes for convenience, such as Newport cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes, which are the best-selling cigarette types in the United States. If you like this too, Buying from us can save you a lot of money.