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Do you know the reason why the price of cigarettes is increasing

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the price of commodities also goes up correspondingly. Various daily necessities, vegetables, fruits and meat all go up in price to different degrees. And the price of cigarettes, which many people like to smoke, has gone up. But do you know why the price of cigarettes goes up?
Starting from October 2019, the price of some low-priced regular cigarettes has increased by between 0.1 percent and 0.2 percent. Cigarettes that used to be available for 10 yuan now cost 11 or 12 yuan. The price increase of cigarettes is mainly to reduce the number of smokers, but in fact the number of smokers has barely changed, because the price increase is not much, many people can still afford the daily cigarette fee, so many smokers will not voluntarily quit smoking.
In fact, the increase in the price of cigarettes can reduce the number of smokers, but it only imposes a financial burden on some low-income groups, so it is the working class and farmers who give up smoking. However, those smokers with better economic conditions will not give up smoking, because they can pay the cost of these cigarettes. The rise in the price of cigarettes only increases their daily expenses. Moreover, smoking addiction is difficult to quit, which requires great determination and perseverance.
But if the price of cigarettes goes up a lot, and there are fewer low-priced cigarettes, then a lot of people will quit smoking, and if the price of cigarettes goes up a little bit each time, it will have less effect on tobacco control. In any case, the rise in cigarette prices has had a small effect on tobacco control.
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