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Can you quit smoking with e-cigarettes?

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, but there are still many people who smoke, because cigarettes can make people addicted to them, once they smoke, it is hard to quit. Many people have tried many ways to give up smoking. Others have invented e-cigarettes. But can e-cigarettes really help you quit smoking?
The answer is no, e-cigarettes can hardly achieve the goal of quitting smoking, because e-cigarettes are substitutes for cigarettes, which also contain nicotine. E-cigarettes just change the physical form of smoking. But there are still a lot of companies advertising and selling different types of e-cigarettes, because there are still a lot of young people buying e-cigarettes. In fact, they don't buy e-cigarettes to quit smoking, because now smoking is banned in many public places, so they can only smoke e-cigarettes. Therefore, it is impossible for those who want to quit smoking through e-cigarette to succeed. The most important thing to quit smoking is to really want to quit smoking, and at the same time have perseverance. Otherwise, passive quitting will easily lead to smoking again.
The nicotine content of e-cigarettes is relatively low, but it is still harmful to the body, and the burning of e-cigarettes may release more toxic substances, if you want to quit smoking friends, be sure to quit smoking scientific or consult a doctor.
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