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Tuesday 03 November, 2020 | RSS Feed

Have you ever seen an alien cigar?

Although all the cigars I have seen are normally round, I also know that there are many varieties of cigars, such as mahua, round, pyramidal and square, etc. Nowadays, businesses are trying to attract people's attention by using all kinds of strange things, except that you can't think of anything that cannot be done. There are also cigars shaped like triangles and rugby balls. There are all kinds of things in China and abroad, so I can't help but wonder what it would be like to put this product in my mouth. Have you ever smoked a heteromorphy cigar?
As far as I know, Cuban cigars are not very rich in shape, some are round, some are square (box pressed cigars), some are pointed, pointy, or double-pointed torpedoes. But those non-Cuban cigars have a variety of shapes. Many people have never seen cigars with strange shapes. Imagine a triangular cigar. From head to toe, it is not a traditional round, not a square or a rectangle, but Three-dimensional triangular shape. How do you smoke this special-shaped cigar? It must be awkward to hold it in your mouth.
Did you know that this triangular cigar was born in 2004 and invented by the maverick founder Alan Rubin.He was inspired, he says, by a friend who told him that the last thing he needed was a round cigar. Start to activate their powerful brain, ready to make a unique, the world's eyes, smoking countless triangle cigar. Just how do you smoke this alien cigar? So many people are very interested in it.
To be honest, if you roll it by hand, it would be difficult to complete the triangle, so he invented a triangle cigar mold. Rubin had the wood bought and the carpenter made a batch of triangular presses. It's also simple, made of three pieces of wood, in a V-shape, to press a rolled cigar. So Rubin enlisted his right-hand man, Ralph Montero, to carry out the plan. Montero laughed and called him an idiot. The plan was fanciful. But Rubin was unmoved and began pressing the triangle. Thus, the triangular cigar was invented. But the same old question: How do you smoke this alien cigar?
This cigar has no difficulty in cutting and lighting. Just like a normal cigar, it is a little awkward to put in the mouth. No matter how you put it, there is always an arrow against your lips.
Those who love cigars, what shape of cigar have you smoked? Of course, if you can't find a cigar you like, you can try to smoke cigarettes. The Newport Menthol Cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes we provide are the favorites of many people.

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