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Monday 26 October, 2020 | RSS Feed

Do you know what the hollow cigarette holder does?

Now there are more and more kinds of cigarettes on the market, and a variety of characteristic cigarettes have appeared, and many cigarettes have special filter tips, some people will burst beads inside the filter tip, some filter tip is hollow. So what do you know about hollow cigarette holders?
Some people think that the hollow cigarette holder is to cool the smoke, so that the smoke is kept at a proper temperature, not affect the taste, which seems to be a bit reasonable, and others think that the hollow cigarette holder is mainly to avoid the mouth, especially the lips, direct contact with the filter, because of the tar caused by the odor. Although the filter will filter out a large part of the smoke tar, some of it will directly touch the mouth, especially the lips, through the end of the filter, which will easily cause the mouth to leave smoke odor. This may sound reasonable, but some people think that the hollow cigarette holder is just a special style, and does not have much effect.
But in fact, many of today's hollow cigarettes are well done, can effectively reduce the harmful components of the smoke. For example, China's Real Dragon cigarette takes Bama's original corn and flax as raw materials and adopts the biological technology of nano-porous particles, which can not only enhance the adsorption effect of tar, but also intercept the harmful substances in the smoke, effectively improving the fine and smooth quality of smoke suction. In terms of health, this cigarette is definitely worth recommending. There is a dragon cigarette hollow cigarette holder has a unique "triple purification" function, reducing the harmful components of smoke more than 30%. The first purification: highly absorbent acetate fiber; Second purification: micromolecular capsule activated carbon, with the function of an external artificial lung. Third purification: biofilter. It is said that the teeth will not change color when smoking this cigarette.
So a lot of the unique design of cigarettes has a role to play, like this hollow stub, and some hollow stub can reduce the harm of smoking, and smokers can try to empty the stub. Of course, if you prefer to smoke Newport cigarettes or Marlboro cigarettes, it will be cheaper to buy from our USA Cigarettes Wholesale store.

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