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Tuesday 20 October, 2020 | RSS Feed

Filterless cigarettes and filter cigarettes

In the current cigarette market, almost all cigarettes are filter cigarettes, so have you seen cigarettes without filters? What is the difference between a cigarette without a filter and a cigarette with a filter?
A long time ago, cigarettes did not have filters, but with the development of cigarette technology, people have higher and higher health requirements, so there are filter cigarettes. Filters mainly remove harmful substances through three mechanisms: direct interception and inertia The most common method of compaction and diffusion precipitation is direct interception. This is a complicated process, which means that the tar droplets are separated from the smoke and adhere to the surface of the filter material when they reach the surface. So everyone thinks that the filter can filter some harmful substances in tobacco.
However, since the introduction of filter cigarettes, not only has the incidence of lung cancer not decreased, but the spectrum of lung cancer has changed. At present, adenocarcinoma accounts for more than 50% of patients with lung cancer. In the past, the "mainstream" of lung cancer was squamous cell carcinoma. The reason for this change turned out to be the cigarette filter. Because the filter is installed and sucked deeper, it is prone to more dangerous lung adenocarcinoma.
And the color of the filter is different, which means the content of toxins is also different. Yellow filters are mostly flue-cured cigarettes with the highest tar content and the greatest harm. White cigarette butts are mixed cigarettes with the lowest tar content and relatively low harm!
Now you know the knowledge of filter cigarettes. As a smoker, you must understand these little knowledge. So now do you know where to buy the cheapest Newport and Marlboro cigarettes?

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