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Monday 16 November, 2020 | RSS Feed

What's the use of discarded cigarette boxes?

In our life, cigarettes are ubiquitous items, many people may only know cigarettes can smoke, do not know the cigarette case also has its wonderful use. Everyone knows that there is a good layer of tin foil inside the cigarette case. What is the use of the tin foil inside the cigarette case? Many people throw their cigarettes into the trash can after they finish smoking. Now I'm going to show you how to turn waste into treasure.
First of all, let's take a look at the effect of cigarette boxes. The cellophane on cigarette boxes is quite hard, which is very good for wiping water cups, especially for stubborn or old tea and coffee stains on the cups. Many office workers know this cleaning magic trick. A pack of cigarette arrives from the cellophane of outer packing cigarette case, the aluminium foil paper inside arrives cigarette butt, be about to be divided into combustible can use wait for 3 kinds! So what's the use of tin foil in a cigarette case? We take the yellow paper out of the cigarette case and burn it with a lighter to make a piece of tin foil. We roll the foil into a small ball to make the small battery bigger. If the battery number is small, we put some tinfoil in the battery case and the appliance works properly again. Discarded cigarette boxes can be used as cell phone holders. Now buy a mobile phone stand at least ten or twenty yuan, if you have time, why not make one yourself? It's fun and saves money. A discarded cigarette case can also be used as a business card storage case.
So a lot of things that are discarded can be reused, just like cigarette packets. If you like recycling, you can use a lot of things very well and save a lot of money in your life. Of course, if you're a smoker and you want to buy cheap cigarettes, come to our USA Cigarettes Wholesale store because we offer Newport cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes, which are the kind of cigarettes that a lot of people like to smoke.

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