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What's the use of discarded cigarette boxes?

In our life, cigarettes are ubiquitous items, many people may only know cigarettes can smoke, do not know the cigarette case also has its wonderful use. Everyone knows that there is a good layer of tin foil inside the cigarette case. What is the use of the tin foil inside the cigarette case? Many . . . ..........Read full article

Have you ever seen an alien cigar?

Although all the cigars I have seen are normally round, I also know that there are many varieties of cigars, such as mahua, round, pyramidal and square, etc. Nowadays, businesses are trying to attract people's attention by using all kinds of strange things, except that you can't think of anything . . . ..........Read full article

Do you know what the hollow cigarette holder does?

Now there are more and more kinds of cigarettes on the market, and a variety of characteristic cigarettes have appeared, and many cigarettes have special filter tips, some people will burst beads inside the filter tip, some filter tip is hollow. So what do you know about hollow cigarette holders? . . . ..........Read full article

Filterless cigarettes and filter cigarettes

In the current cigarette market, almost all cigarettes are filter cigarettes, so have you seen cigarettes without filters? What is the difference between a cigarette without a filter and a cigarette with a filter? A long time ago, cigarettes did not have filters, but with the development of . . . ..........Read full article

Do you know what it means to dream of smoking?

China has a long history and many cultures are profound. For example, Zhou Gong interprets dreams. Some people dream when they are sleeping and dream that they are smoking cigarettes. In fact, according to zhou Gong's interpretation of the dream, different gender, age, occupation, dream of . . . ..........Read full article

Do you know the reason why the price of cigarettes is increasing

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the price of commodities also goes up correspondingly. Various daily necessities, vegetables, fruits and meat all go up in price to different degrees. And the price of cigarettes, which many people like to smoke, has . . . ..........Read full article

Why do novice smokers feel dizzy?

Many people around the world smoke, but smoking is not a good habit, harmful to physical and mental health. We often hear that the novice just began to learn to smoke will also dizzy, do you know why? This is because the novice just began to smoke into the lungs, the bronchial will immediately have . . . ..........Read full article

Can you quit smoking with e-cigarettes?

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, but there are still many people who smoke, because cigarettes can make people addicted to them, once they smoke, it is hard to quit. Many people have tried many ways to give up smoking. Others have invented e-cigarettes. But can e-cigarettes really . . . ..........Read full article

The difference between cigars and cigarettes

We all know that there must be a big difference between cigar and cigarette, but for those who are not familiar with cigar, they may not know the difference between cigar and traditional cigarette. Now let me introduce to you. First of all, smoking methods are different. "Smoking" cigarettes and . . . ..........Read full article

Gossip about the Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes

In China, whether it is entertaining guests or friends together, people always used to pass each other Marlboro Red cigarettes, and perhaps this is the so-called "alcohol and tobacco are not the separation" reflected. It is also one of the many men of the most commonly used and most primitive means . . . ..........Read full article

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